Pisco, the spirit of Peru

Pisco is a unique Peruvian grape distillate and will be the next treasure from Peru that will conquer Belgian hearts. Like no other product, Pisco really possesses the soul of Peru. The grapes are grown only for the making of Pisco in one of the 5 protected Pisco regions in the south of Peru. These grapes can be divided in 8 species, one half aromatic and the other half non-aromatic. In addition to these species, there are also mixed Pisco’s (acholado) and Pisco’s with semi-fermentation (mosto verde). The fermented product is only distilled once and nothing is added. Pisco is also not matured. Therefore, Pisco is a very pure drink, perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy high quality beverages that are very natural.

But why take our word for it? Rolf Schollaert, the famous Belgian spirits expert and journalist has visited Peru to learn about the wonders of Pisco. On his well-known blog The Cocktail Nation, you can read everything about the history of Pisco, the characteristics of Pisco and some recipes to make delicious Pisco cocktails.

Pisco College

Pisco is more than a drink. Pisco is a culture, a history, a concept, a lifestyle. The proud inhabitants of the country that was once the beating heart of the Inca territory would feel ashamed by only exporting the product. Peru wants you to be able to discover its richness in every aspect. For this reason, the Trade Office of Peru in Belgium launched Pisco College, a series of sessions in which Belgian bartenders and horeca professionals will be taught all they have to know about Pisco.

The sessions are given at Bar Connector by Alain Vervoort, the famous Belgian spirits expert, who also happens to be a great fan and expert on Pisco (if you get the chance, ask him about the anecdote of the lama in one of the famous pisco haciendas!). The training starts off with an extensive explanation on the origin and the history of Pisco. After this, the participants will be educated in the more technical aspects of the drink itself. They will learn to taste the differences in the types of Pisco and how to use them correctly. Meanwhile, they are offered the opportunity to taste the different Pisco brands that are available on the Belgian market. Last but not least, they will learn how to get the best out of Pisco, by using it in some of the best cocktails known to mankind, such as the famous Pisco Sour and the delicious Chilcano.

In this way, these bartenders and professionals will be able to give Belgium the full Pisco-experience, which is much more than just drinking. You will be able to recognise the Pisco experts who have followed this course by their of official certificate.

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